We debuted online 3 years ago.  From the very day we started, many of the forums, hosted by our “competition,” have taken great effort to malign us.  Long before they even knew about us, they began with the name calling.  Here are some examples:

LIE # 1              

                   “It is SNAKE oil !!! Don’t buy it! It will ruin your engine.”


Nice try guys, but scaring people out of a better and simpler alternative to spending thousands converting a car OR buying an expensive biodiesel processor is not reasonable.  We know our fuel is new to many people in America since it has been used primarily in Europe by people in the know for decades.  This doesn’t make it bad.  It simply wasn’t ever in demand in America much where fuel prices have been historically low.  Fuel prices have ALWAYS been high in Europe, over $4 when we were still paying $1.  That is why many of them knew about this fuel…necessity. 

Biodiesel and the svo conversion companies had some success here for years prior to recent fuel cost spikes, but they mainly sold to people trying to save the environment.  Now they sell, just as we do, to a much larger group of people who want to save money and be nicer to the environment. 

For a brief time, these companies saw their sales rise when fuel prices rose.  Then we debuted and obviously made a significant hit in their sales.  It is any wonder they are angry?

The only thing we find scary is working with chemicals such as methanol and lye, which are EXTREMELY dangerous.  Skin contact can result in blindness, brain damage, etc.  Actually, the brain damage part may explain some of their wacky forum comments.

LIE # 2 

                   “They are the same company that was selling something similar in the UK years ago.”


                                    We have no idea what they are talking about. Our experts came from Germany, not the UK.  We’ve frankly never heard of any company doing what we do since we doubt they know how. 

LIE # 3           

           “Here is their MSDS, read it and be afraid.”


                                     The MSDS we’ve seen touted as ours on some of these sites is clearly NOT ours.  Read the description of our additive as “white crystals” and then look at our additive.  They either can’t tell the difference between a red liquid and white crystals or they are WAY too familiar with another type of “white crystal” that has destroyed their ability to think reasonably. Obviously, they simply took a scary sounding MSDS from some other product and posted it as ours on their site. 

LIE #4            

           “Glycerin must be removed!”


                                    This one makes us laugh. This is exactly the issue the two other ways  of using waste oil for a fuel, svo conversions and methanol biodiesel, argued about for years.  Until we came on the scene, the svo conversion sites and the traditional biodiesel sites passionately assaulted each other over this issue.  Then we came on the scene, scared them both, and now they have a common enemy.

                                    Quite simply, if you want a non-heated fuel, methanol converted biodiesel IS a useable fuel.  If you are willing to spend conversion money, then an svo conversion WILL make the waste oil useable fuel.  Glycerin removal is merely ONE way to make such oils work as a fuel, i.e. biodiesel.  Heating, via an svo conversion also works well without removing the glycerin. 

                                    The reason they hate us is that they BOTH know that our system also DOES work well without any glycerin removal, without heat, without conversions, and without dangerous material handling.  However, saying that will only serve to hurt their sales even more.  Their silence would be forgivable.  Their lies are not.

LIE # 5           

           “Their additive contains moth balls and benzene.”

The TRUTH    

                                    Once again, people who seem to be passionate about white crystals are lying about our ingredients.  We often wonder why they don’t just say it contains anthrax or that we are part of a terrorist plot.  It would sound scarier but I guess they think that is going over the top.  I guess they are more comfortable simply lying about our ingredients.

           LIE # 6           

                   “It will damage your plastic fuel tank.”

           The TRUTH

                                    No it will not.  This one is also laughable since it is traditional biodiesel, NOT our fuel, which is corrosive. You can verify that on any of hundreds of sites including howstuffworks.com.  Just a touch of hypocrisy we think.


We could go on wasting web space to show you other examples of how our competition maligns us.  They even do it under the guise of being an impartial “web press” sometimes.  If you are curious, simply follow the links they “recommend” you visit.  All their own companies, of course.   

Or, do a WHOIS search on their sites and you’ll see these are NOT simple random Forums put together by impartial people.  The registrants of the sites are people who own Biodiesel processing systems, rent Biodiesel rental cars, sell svo systems, etc.

So why aren’t there forums online praising us?  We never set one up.  We don’t have the time or manpower to maintain a site at this time.  Our happy customers have also quickly learned that openly boasting they use DSE fuel on the other forums gets them labeled as a “shill” and the name calling ensues.  Some have told us they were going to set up a forum themselves but they know that it will attract more “attackers” than our customers.  Our customers silence is evidence of their satisfaction.  People generally do not go online to write a post in a forum about how much they LOVE something.  Sadly, forums attract the negative since people will eagerly go and write something they HATE, or in our case, something they want to HURT.

Don’t believe us? Google anything you like.  A certain food, car, tv, anything.  In a few minutes of looking, you will almost be convinced that the very item you love merits suspicion.  This is the sad reality of the internet.  Lies can spread much faster than truth.

Thankfully, our customers have made it through the murky waters of the internet, tried our product, and now they are believers too.  No amount of lies can ever change their minds now.

Like we say around here,
“If you want a good review of a new Ford, do NOT go to a Chevy forum.”
“If you want a good review of a new PC, do NOT go to a Mac forum.”




“The greatest divide between rich and poor is knowledge” - anonymous
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