Rudolph Diesel Preferred Our Fuel

The history of the diesel engine begins in Germany with the invention of the engine by Rudolph Diesel.  Rudolph Diesel ran his engine at the 1900 World's Fair on pure peanut oil. 

His intention in his engine design was to make an engine that could be run cheaper by using vegetable oil instead of the new petroleum oil being used for cars.  It would also enable farmers to produce their own �fuel� from their crops for their machinery.  However, the rapidly growing petroleum industry quickly made their version which was cheaper and would remain so for decades.  Today however, fuel costs are obviously much higher and thus Mr. Diesel's original intent for his engine design can finally be realized by the masses.

Rudolph Diesel began to notice the need early on for thinning the "fuel" before it entered the engine.  What he did NOT understand yet was the knowledge we have gained over the hundred years since his invention.  We now know about the need to maintain cetane levels, keep the fuel thin, add detergents to keep injectors clean, add demulsifiers to help separate the water in the fuel, etc.

Fortunately, DSE's simple system achieves all of these performance standards and more and with less effort and cost than Bio-Diesel or Vehicle conversion.

Our own German technicians are confident that Dr. Diesel would approve of our system for its simplicity, cost effectiveness, and performance.

In More Recent History

Our German technician grew up in Germany where he learned many years ago how to mix a few simple ingredients into vegetable oil to run any diesel effectively.  His teachers during those post WWII years were Mercedes engineers who designed some of the world's first production diesels. After moving to America, this knowledge was useless due to the LOW cost of petroleum diesel. Recently, however, with ever increasing fuel prices he contacted associates in Germany, reformulated the system to work well with modern diesels, and is now making it available to all Americans.  DSE was formed with the explicit purpose of making this knowledge and additive available to anyone for less than the cost of ONE tank full of today's petroleum diesel.  We are confident you will find this information valuable.




“The greatest divide between rich and poor is knowledge” - anonymous
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