Our DSE fuel was not designed specifically for use as a Home Heating Oil substitute, yet in principle and in practice it appears to be working fine.

There are several types of home heating systems on the market and some may work better than others so it is prudent that you consider a progressive addition of this fuel to monitor its performance before committing to 100% replacement.

The good news is that the growing number of customers using the fuel are very happy with the performance. In the winter, the winterizing steps we recommend would naturally be followed to further reduce the viscosity of the fuel as needed. Additional good news is that the fuel CAN be mixed with any ratio of existing fuel to reduce your dependence on this year's increasingly expensive home heating fuel.

Storage time in an underground tank, after the fuel is mixed, should be quite sufficient during the winter months. The cooler temperatures plus the addition of our additives should keep the life of the stored fuel up to 6 months.


My Family presently use your fuel for our Home Heating fuel source. We have been very happy with your product and service.

New Jersey

I'm able to offset my Home Heating oil costs by about 60% so far by using your fuel in conjunction with less Heating oil than I normally would buy. The restaurants love me, I love DSE, the world's a better place.

Feel free to put this up as a Testimonial for all those doubters out there. It seems to me that the forums that bash you guys are only making some people scared which costs them more money in fuel. Nothing nice about that.

Rhode Island

Just tried the fuel in my home heater and it works great. I was about to order an early fill-up of regular home heating oil in hopes of saving more now if the price keeps going up. As long as I have a source for my oil, I figure I'll save about $1,000 over the first couple months of a cold winter. Thanks guys.


Here's my feedback on my experimentation with your fuel in my home heater boiler. I had a small amount of heating oil still in the system when I added the DSE fuel. The burning performance stayed consistent even as the new fuel was obviously being used. The improved smell was noticeable within minutes. Tried the system repeatedly over several days and I was pleasantly surprised. Can't see any difference in performance versus petroleum fuel. I'm just wondering if it makes me a bad neighbor for not telling them what I'm up to. I don't want any competition for waste vegetable oil as I stock up for winter.

New Jersey




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