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Our German technician grew up in Germany where he learned many years ago how to mix a few simple ingredients into vegetable oil to run any diesel effectively.  His teachers during those post WWII years were Mercedes engineers who designed some of the world's first production diesels. After moving to America, this knowledge was useless due to the LOW cost of petroleum diesel.  Recently, however, with ever increasing fuel prices he contacted associates in Germany, reformulated the system to work well with modern diesels, and is now making it available to all Americans.  DSE was formed with the explicit purpose of making this knowledge and additive available to anyone for less than the cost of ONE tank full of today's petroleum diesel.  We are confident you will find this information valuable.


Our System Can Be Summed Up In These Simple Steps
  1. Obtain the Correct Oil  (we'll show you how to pick it up easily, and for FREE!)

  2. Add the recommended ingredients including our exclusive Alternative Diesel Fuel Additive  (an essential catalyst for our fuel to perform as intended)

  3. Pump the oil through the filters and into your vehicle.  Total cost only $0.46 per gallon!

  4. Drive away happy and richer

The system we've designed is a tried and true method used in Europe for decades. The system employs simple filters to remove waste particles from waste vegetable oil. Our system can only be used with room temperature CLEAR liquid oils such as Soy, Canola, Peanut, etc. It is not designed to work with hydrogenated oils (shortening). Fortunately, 85-90% of restaurants prefer clear fry oils over the creamy stuff for their frying since the clear oils are much healthier. This means it is easy to locate and restaurants are eager to dispose of it cheaply. You will probably need only two or three small restaurants supplying you oil to become completely independent of gas stations forever.

Then, we show you how to mix the oil with our proprietary blend of ingredients*and in a few minutes you have a high quality, clean burning, money saving diesel fuel that only cost you 46 cents per gallon! We use NO harsh ingredients such as Methanol or lye, commonly used to make Bio-diesel. Instead, our mixture achieves the same goal of making the oil easily useable in any diesel without need for modification of the vehicle. There is NO need to replace anything on your vehicle.  NO need to spend thousands modifying you vehicle with special heaters or dual tanks. Our system is entirely focused on modifying the fuel in a simple way, not the car, truck, tractor, or boat.  

It can easily be mixed with petroleum diesel without any changes to anything.  Effectively, your fuel will be a true alternative fuel that runs just as well, or better, than any petroleum diesel.

The Secret to our system is easily learned by anyone.

We cover EVERYTHING about making this fuel in our manual, from A-Z. Here�s what you�ll learn:

  • History of the Fuel

  • Supply (We show you exactly how to get the right oils in the right way. Read our manual before trying to get oils on your own as you only get one chance to make a first impression. The needed oils are used by 90% of restaurants these days but knowing how to get the oils is 98% of doing it)

  • Assemble a simple fuel filtering unit (by spending about $150 on items from Home Depot, etc you can quickly obtain and assemble a filtering unit to easily make the fuel. Detailed steps, photos, and drawings make this easy if you can use a simple screwdriver, drill, and pliers. You�ll also be given the link to our official manufacturer of the finished fuel units if you prefer to buy one premade instead)

  • Making the Fuel (these simple steps can have you creating 55 gallons in 15 minutes. You can also �upsize� the system and make hundreds or thousands of gallons at once if you require it)

  • Build an �on-board� fuel station (easy ways to make a filtering unit that can be used while traveling to save money when far away from home. RV owners and Semi drivers love this setup especially)

  • Making money from your knowledge (has the thought of making fuel for others for profit crossed your mind? It should. There are many people and companies who would jump at the opportunity to get a cheaper diesel fuel)

  • and much more information as well���
  • *We have formulated a precise mixture of easy to obtain ingredients that enable our fuel to be used as a petroleum diesel substitute.

    Our DSE Alternative Diesel Fuel Additive is an essential component of our system which is why we include a free bottle with your order when you order the Basic Kit.



    “The greatest divide between rich and poor is knowledge” - anonymous
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