Do I have to convert my vehicle?  

No. The DSE system requires No Conversion whatsoever !!

There are several manufacturers of conversion kits and thousands of individuals building their own.  The conversions essentially break down into 2 types.  They both use heaters to thin the oil to a consistency similar to petroleum diesel. 

  • 2 tank systems:  

    This most common system employs the use of 2 fuel tanks, one for petroleum diesel at start-up and shutdown, and another for the filtered vegetable oil.  These systems do work but have a couple of big disadvantages.  First, they discourage the modification of the oil and give the illusion that heated oil performs identically to petroleum diesel.  It does not.  Over time, the widely fluctuating natural cetane levels of different oils can lead to engine problems. 

    However, even if you were to have access to very high quality oil consistently, the biggest drawback of conversion remains, the cost.  Conversion costs vary from a low of $800 to a high of $2,500 not counting the labor of a mechanic for installation.  Beyond that, the delicate heating mechanisms that are required to work EVERY TIME you drive can be costly to replace and their failure can leave you stranded.  Consider this:  Your vehicle already has numerous electronic, mechanical,  and electromechanical devices that will break over the course of several years.  Why would you want to add more items including tank heaters, fuel line heaters, filter heaters, injector heaters, computer controlled or timed switching mechanisms, electronic fuel switching valves, etc.? 

  • 1 tank systems:

    This less common system employs the same devices listed above but removes the need for a separate petroleum diesel fuel tank.  It usually requires more "heat up" time in the morning or 110 AC powered heaters to keep the oil heated overnight.  More hassles.

More to Consider: SVO systems heat the oil up to 180 degrees F. Fuel delivery systems simply were not designed to handle that kind of heated fuel. Thus, many vehicles cannot use those systems without causing damage to heat sensitive internal components.

Our system "thins the oil" through our simple mixture of easy to find ingredients ( no hazardous material licenses required ) and our special additive ( included ) which makes the fuel completely pure and stable.




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