Is this Traditional Bio-Diesel?  

Absolutely NOT.   But over 60,000+ people and companies worldwide have found it to be a better alternative.

1. Bio-diesel is much more expensive to make

2. Requires up to 4 days to prepare a batch (as opposed to 15 minutes with the DSE System).

3. Requires the use of dangerous chemicals including lye and methanol.

Click for an excerpt from the Hazardous Materials Data Sheet for Methanol.

The reasons why you should NOT undertake the manufacture of Bio-diesel are apparent from the dangers of Methanol alone. Add to that the higher expense of manufacture, difficulties in obtaining and safely storing methanol and lye, and the need to dispose of the waste by-product glycerin, and you can quickly see why we make NO comparison to Bio-diesel. 

In fact, the only fair comparison to Bio-diesel with our fuel is it's performance and stability. Both fuels are stable and have performance characteristics virtually identical to petroleum diesel. Both are good for the environment. Both add more lubrication to your injection pump than petroleum diesel and will decrease the need for maintenance.

One more reason to choose our system is the cost of constructing a Bio-diesel "fuel station." You will likely spend $1,000-1,500 to build your own station from scratch or you can purchase one online for $3,000! The construction of our "fuel station" will cost around $120-150 using parts from your local Lowe's or Home Depot and will take only a couple of hours.

We should add that our fuel is really a true Bio-diesel.

It is made with organic vegetable oil after all.  In fact, traditional biodiesel composition is only 70-80% organic oil.  Our fuel is 87% organic oil. 

Arguably our fuel is much closer to "True Diesel fuel" since it more closely resembles what Rudolph Diesel himself used.  He certainly did NOT use Bio-diesel in its modern form.  The modern form of traditional biodiesel, like that made by refineries today, is the form pushed on governments by the environmental lobbies for decades.  Thanks to their hard work, governments finally conceded to allow alternative fuels, though the fuel they endorsed is certainly not the only useable form of such fuel.  It is merely the one they felt the pressure to accept. 

Our fuel, on the other hand, has been in the knowledge base of a very small amount of people for decades who never sought gov't endorsement of its sale, only the savings it brought to them personally.  Many in Europe use it exclusively to avoid the high European road taxes (currently $3-4 per gallon!).   Their relationship with us made it possible for us to bring this simple fuel to America and the rest of the world when it is needed the most.  In a time of record high prices and the likelihood of higher prices soon, DSE offers a godsend to anyone willing to try it.  Once you try the fuel, we are confident you will be as excited about this fuel as we are.

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