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See our newest product at the bottom of this page!

DSE Water Absorbing Crystals

Be sure to add this great new product in with ANY order. These unique water crystals will make keeping water out of your fuel MUCH easier. By simply putting some in the funnel as you make your fuel (paper funnels included), they will absorb water from the oil and other liquids. They act as a great gauge to let you know if your oil is heavily laden with water as well. These amazing crystals can absorb 400 times their own weight in water AND they are reusable. You simply leave them out to dry and they can be reused many times. Comes in a 12 oz resealable bag.

The DSE Complete Starter Kit

Eager to start right away? Here’s a bargain kit that contains enough additive to make over 450 gallons of fuel and our handy drill pump which doubles as a great oil pickup tool and the pump for your fuel station (see drill pump description below). Plus, we throw in a bag of our unique DSE water absorbing crystals to help keep water out of your fuel. The DSE Manual(sent hardcopy) and Video (sent electronically) are also included. All together, it’s over $130 worth of product at a special price.
The DSE Ultimate Starter Kit

This is our best Starter Kit since it combines all the components of a Complete Starter Kit with a Manual, 4 bottles of additive (enough for over 600 gallons of fuel), our unique DSE water absorbing crystals, and a Drill Pump (see drill pump description below). PLUS it contains one of our incredible new UV Filter pumps that can extend oil life for up to 6 months (read more about the UV light by scrolling down). If you really want to make the change to this fuel for your diesel engine, then this one has what you need to make it happen. $200 worth of products for only $179.99.

DSE Basic Kit

In this starter kit you'll receive the DSE Manual (sent hardcopy) and Video (sent electronically), along with a free bottle of Alternative Diesel Additive to get you started. If you order this one, add in extra bottles of additive in the shopping cart at the discounted rate to save even more money now. You should also add the Drill Pump as it will save you money and time when you assemble the filtering unit to make the fuel.
DSE Additive

DSE's concentrated Alternative Diesel Fuel Additive is enough to make 152 gallons of fuel!


Ordering Secret:
Order 1 or 2 extra bottles now and save on shipping costs!


Mega Starter Kit

This is the best value on our site. You get 6 gallons of DSE additive, 2 drill pumps (1 for the filtering unit and 1 for oil collection), 1 UV light to keep bacteria away from your oil, 1 bag of DSE Water absorbing crystals, 2 Manuals (1 for a spare or to use as a gift), 1 one ounce pump, a very handy Prescreening Funnel, and 3 of our new Bumper stickers so you can shout to the world that you are NOT paying the fuel costs they are. It’s over $550 in product at a special price.


Get a free bumper sticker with any order of $99 or more in product. Simply request yours in the order form's comment box.


Bulk Sizes

DSE 3 Gallon Bulk Additive

Our 3 gallon bulk is perfect for those wanting to get more for their money before stepping up to the full bulk size. Makes 2640 gallons of fuel. Saves you about $30 over the normal additive cost. Includes a manual, video link, and our convenient one ounce easy dispensing pump (pictured below). Includes a manual and the video link complimentary, just for buying the bulk.
DSE 6 gallon bulk

This is the ultimate savings size for those expecting to make a lot of fuel. Makes 5280 gallons of fuel. Saves you over $90 compared to buying the additive normally. This bulk size includes the manual, our video link, and a convenient one ounce pump for easy dispensing. Basic UPS domestic shipping is also included in this size. Includes a manual and the video link complimentary, just for buying the bulk.

This 1 oz. easy dispensing pump comes complimentary with the bulk sizes above.


Special Equipment

DSE UV Light

Finally an easy way to extend the useable life of waste fry oils. These handy little Ultraviolet light filter/pump units can be used in any small or large container of oil to sterilize and kill all the bacteria commonly found in such oils. One version is submersible and is easily dropped into the oil in a container, the other one is a direct light unit that kills by saturating the oil with light. They only need to be exposed to the oil for 1-2 hours a week to effectively kill the bacteria. These special UV lights are just the right spectrum to actually kill the bacteria that can make oils become rancid. This simple system can help extend the life of your oil for easily 6 months. Great for people who get oil quicker than they need it. It makes longer term storage a reality. (due to supply variations, you may receive either of the two versions when you order)
DSE drill pump

These handy pumps are made perfectly for our system. They can handle the needs of the entire fuel station we describe in our manual and run easily with any standard electric drill. Quick and easy to install. This is the perfect way to get up and running with our system as soon as possible. Either style may be shipped to you as we have a fluctuating stock. Tip: Order 2 pumps so you can have one for the fuel station and another for collecting oil!
Dealer Packet

This packet contains everything you need to learn all the details and begin an application for a dealer in your area. It even includes a self addressed, stamped envelope for you to easily return the signed application. If you have the drive to make a part or full time business out of meeting the need everyone has of saving money on fuel, this is what you’ve been looking for. Simply click on the picture below and add this Dealer Packet to your shopping cart. The shipping is included in the price for domestic orders.* If you purchase the 6 gallon bulk size, we’ll even give you one FREE upon request instead.

*Due to the way our system tabulates
shipping charges, this packet will actually appear as $18 in the
shopping cart. When you add your shipping address, the total
should come to 29.95 for domestic shipping.


See the Amazing DSE Stealth Plate in Operation

*These units meet the requirements of state laws that require the license plate to be visible along with all the plate details. However, these units are for novelty use only and are not to be used in the deployed position on public roads.



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